Experience the unprecedented: A 1:1 tribute to CryptoPunks’ legacy, launching on the Ethereum blockchain. Every detail painstakingly recreated, now adorned with the marks of a struggle.

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About the Collection

In a world teeming with replicas and imitations, a unique NFT collection emerged, portraying the original CryptoPunks in a state of distress. These punks, once pioneers of a movement, now bear the marks of a relentless struggle.
The reason for their beatings lies in the frustrations that plagued the crypto community. Disillusioned individuals, fed up with the proliferation of copies, took out their anger on these punks, seeing them as a symbol of the dilution of authenticity.

But the power to determine their fate now rests with the audience. Each person becomes a decision-maker, given the choice to sustain the beaten state or rise as a savior to a punk in need. Will you perpetuate the cycle of harm and let them suffer, or will you embrace empathy and save a punk from their torment?

Within this NFT collection lies a tale of resilience, defiance, and the unyielding spirit of the crypto community. It's an invitation to choose their destiny, to either perpetuate their pain or become a catalyst for their redemption.

The choice is yours.



Injured Punks offers a unique narrative of resilience and empowerment. By supporting this collection, you become part of their redemption story, making a meaningful impact in the crypto community. Your choice matters. Will you perpetuate pain or be a catalyst for change?

Yes, as of October 10th, 2023, the collection has been entirely completed after months of hard work. Every detail was manually crafted to ensure perfect alignment and aesthetics, making sure every layer matches and is positioned flawlessly.

Yes, an associated royalty fee of 5% applies to this. It aids ongoing creative endeavors, supporting and encouraging our ability to produce high-quality, innovative content for our audience.

Our smart contract address is 0x14011C0d7Be8046FfDb0217518F37b7E39AA0190. This is the authentic and verified contract. If you come across any other address, it's a fake project. Please ensure you're interacting only with our official contract for a secure transaction.

The collection will have a later reveal after 48 hours. We believe in building excitement and anticipation within our community. Allowing a brief period before the reveal not only intensifies the thrill but also ensures fairness and gives everyone an equal opportunity to participate. We want every member to experience the excitement together when the artwork is finally unveiled! Stay tuned for an amazing reveal experience!